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  • An Activity Center for Infants & Toddlers

The exceptionally strong influence of early experience on brain architecture makes the early years of life a period of both great opportunity and great vulnerability for brain development.

Critical aspects of brain architecture begin to be shaped before and soon after birth, and many fundamental aspects of that architecture are established well before a child enters school.

~The Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University



The brain only develops through activ
e use. This is especially true in the years of infancy and early childhood. The young child’s mind is more like that of an acute observer or scientist, eager to learn, explore, try new things, and master new skills.

With stimulation, the child’s ability to concentrate, absorb, and master new ideas and skills increases. The earlier we begin a program of intellectual, physical, sensory, and artistic education, the more dramatic the result.This is a time of great sensitivity to language, spatial relationships, music, art, social graces, and so much more. If, during this period, the mind is stimulated by the child’s exposure to a rich environment, the brain will literally develop a much stronger and lasting ability to learn and accomplish.

Beautiful Beginnings offers educational and developmental activities, which focus on brain development for infants and toddlers through multi-sensory stimulation, specialized learning techniques, interaction, and experience.

Focus is placed on cognitive development and reached through playful and fun activities.   

Play with a purpose!  

Beautiful Beginnings is a unique program to enhance your infant and toddler’s early educational development throughlearning, interaction, and experience. 

This is the perfect program for parents who wish to be instrumental in their child's early learning , and who are willing to invest the time and effort that it takes to implement learning tools for future learning potential. This is a hands-on class where the parents are the teachers.  

 A Place of Love and Comfort
Your baby’s tools for learning are eyes, ears, nose and mouth. As he/she grows they learn to use their body to explore and discover, while gently guided play engages each of his/her senses. 

Children are not less intelligent than adults, they simply think differently.
They are like "little scientists," actively trying to make sense of the world rather than simply soaking up information passively.
-Jean Piaget
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